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    3. 滄州市萬合橡塑制品有限公司

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      Cangzhou Wanhe Rubber Products Co.,Ltd.

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      Email:info@wanherubber.com wanherubber1@gmail.com wanherubber@163.com
      Adress:Dong Tun,Yunhe District,Cangzhou City,Hebei Province
      Your Position:Flange Rubber Pad

      Flange Rubber Pad


      NBR rubber

      It Is butadiene and propylene fat copolymer, according to propylene fat content is different, have 20, 40, butadiene acrylonitrile rubber, acrylonitrile content is higher, oil resistance, heat resistance, the better, but low temperature performance is poor. Butadiene acrylonitrile rubber sulfide compression permanent deformation is lesser, elastic, resist tearing resistance, wear resistance is very good, and has the very good oil resistance and resistance to gasoline resistance.  

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